ICM Single Subject Diploma in Marketing Course Outlines Part A: The Concept and Process of Marketing Markets and Marketing Marketing issues The marketing mix Marketing management Marketing and society The Marketing Process: Strategy and Planning Marketing strategy Marketing planning and strategy Marketing audit Environmental scanning Strategy formulation Marketing segmentation: introduction The marketing plan Customer Focus: […]

Sales and Sales Management

ICM Single Subject Diploma in Sales and Sales Management Course Outlines Part One – Sales Perspective Development and Role of Selling in Marketing Background The nature and role of selling Types of selling Image of selling The nature and role of sales management The marketing concept Implementing the marketing concept The relationship between sales and […]

Project Management

ICM Single Subject Diploma in Project Management Course Outlines Projects in Contemporary Organisations Definitions Why project management The Project Life Cycle (PLC) Strategic Management and Project Selection Project management maturity Project selection and criteria of choice Types of project selection models Net present value The Project Manager Job description Job specification Person specification Cultural differences […]

Human Resources Management

ICM Single Subject Diploma in Human Resources Management Course Outlines People, Organisations, and Behaviour Organizational behavior Work, organization and job design Organization development Motivation, commitment Employee engagement Resourcing and Workforce Planning Strategic resourcing Workforce planning Recruitment and selection Resourcing practice Talent management Learning and Development Strategic learning and development Process of learning and development The […]

Strategic Marketing Management

ICM Single Subject Diploma in Strategic Marketing Management Course Outlines Introduction to Marketing Management The nature of marketing The management process A modeling approach Strategic decisions and the nature of the strategy The marketing/strategy interface Marketing Auditing and SWOT Analysis Marketing audit – it’s meaning Reviewing marketing effectiveness Role of SWOT analysis Characteristics of effective […]

Marketing Management

ICM Single Subject Diploma in Marketing Management Course Outlines Marketing Management The critical role of marketing in organizations and society Laying the groundwork through strategic planning Managing the marketing process and marketing planning Analyzing Marketing Opportunities Marketing information systems and marketing research Analyzing the marketing environment Analyzing consumer markets and buyer behavior Analyzing business markets […]

Public Relationship

ICM Single Subject Diploma in Public Relations Course Outlines Management and Organisation of Public Relations Public relations definitions External environment Internal environment Systems theory Location of public relations department Future of public relations department Role of Public Relations Practitioners Types of public relations practitioners Role of the communicator Skills of the ideal practitioner Role of […]

International Business Communications

ICM Single Subject Diploma in International Business Communications Course Outlines The Process of Communication The objectives of communication The meaning of words Non-verbal communication The context or situation Barriers to communication Why? Who? Where? When? What? How? Planning the message Summary – how to communicate Speaking Effectively Basic speaking skills Qualities to aim for when […]

IT for Marketing Management

ICM Single Subject Diploma in IT for Marketing Management Course Outline Marketing’s Challenge More sophisticated and demanding customers Changes in product management The ‘virtualization’ of distribution channels The ‘virtualization’ of payments The increasing globalization of markets Marketing’s mid-life crisis The Arrival of the Digital Age The digital revolution Government and the information society Business and […]

Financial Management

ICM Single Subject Diploma in Financial Management Course Outlines The Construction of Financial Statements Company accounts Cash-flow statements Using Accounting Information Accounting ratios Accounting standards Management Accounting Marginal costing Budgeting Capital investment appraisal Sources of Business Finance Long-term sources of finance Short-term sources of finance Mergers and Takeovers Reasons for growth via horizontal, vertical, or […]