Flexible timetables are arranged for two types of students who want to gain general knowledge of business studies and students who want to concentrate on the main business disciplines. In this way, students can merge both day time works and evening studies. Our courses here are dedicated for students to give opinions on how to manage the business on its own among the broad field of competitive competitors. Our active lecturers are enthusiastic teachers as well as well-known for their unique styles of lecture-delivering styles.

1.Accounting Job Training
• Use of Accounting Terms
• Basic Accounting
• (Bookkeeping, Double Entry System, Ledger, Trial Balance)
• What is Financial Statements?
• Income Statement (SOPL)
• Statement of Financial Position (B/S)
• Cash Flow Statement
• Statement of Changes in Equity
• Cash Book & Store Ledger Account
• Entry of Accounting Software
• How to write Annual Report by using software & manual report

2. Entrepreneurship And E-Business in Managing Environment
• Today Entrepreneurship And The Environment
• External And Internal Business Environment
• Impact of Entrepreneurial Companies
• Starting Entrepreneurial Firm
• Managing A Growing Business
• The Internet And E-Business
• E-Business Strategies And E-Marketplaces

3. Knowledge-Based Business Management To Art of Leadership
• Business Environment
• Business Management And Administration
• Business Organizational Structures And Functions
• PESTEL of Myanmar
• Smart leadership & Team Building
• Emotional Management
• Problem Solving Skill & Decision making
• Efficiency Business Management Vs Effective Business Leader

4. Strategic Management And Situation Analysis in Business
• Thinking Strategically And Strategic Management
• The Strategic Management Process
• Strategy Formulation Versus Implementation
• Situation Analysis in Business
• Formulating Corporate-Level Strategy
• Formulating Functional-Level Strategy

5. Soft Skills of Human Resource Management
• Importance of Human Resource Management
• Differentiation between HRN,PM & HRD
• What is the PMS Process (Performance Management System) in HR?
• Importance of HRP & Job Analysis
• Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM
• Type of Interview in HRM
• HRM functions and Activities
• Role of HR in Employee & Labor Relations
• The Best Practices for HRM