Public Relationship

ICM Single Subject Diploma in Public Relations Course Outlines Management and Organisation of Public Relations Public relations definitions External environment Internal environment Systems theory Location of public relations department Future of public relations department Role of Public Relations Practitioners Types of public relations practitioners Role of the communicator Skills of the ideal practitioner Role of […]

International Business Communications

ICM Single Subject Diploma in International Business Communications Course Outlines The Process of Communication The objectives of communication The meaning of words Non-verbal communication The context or situation Barriers to communication Why? Who? Where? When? What? How? Planning the message Summary – how to communicate Speaking Effectively Basic speaking skills Qualities to aim for when […]

IT for Marketing Management

ICM Single Subject Diploma in IT for Marketing Management Course Outline Marketing’s Challenge More sophisticated and demanding customers Changes in product management The ‘virtualization’ of distribution channels The ‘virtualization’ of payments The increasing globalization of markets Marketing’s mid-life crisis The Arrival of the Digital Age The digital revolution Government and the information society Business and […]

Financial Management

ICM Single Subject Diploma in Financial Management Course Outlines The Construction of Financial Statements Company accounts Cash-flow statements Using Accounting Information Accounting ratios Accounting standards Management Accounting Marginal costing Budgeting Capital investment appraisal Sources of Business Finance Long-term sources of finance Short-term sources of finance Mergers and Takeovers Reasons for growth via horizontal, vertical, or […]

Business Management and Administration

ICM Single Subject Diploma in Business Management and Administration Course Outline The Organisational Background to Business Administration The Management Framework to Business Administration What are business administration and management? The board of directors Functions within an organization The ‘systems’ approach to organization Planning-control feedback cycles Characteristic Features of Organisations The structure of organizations and the […]


CCNA Lesson 1: Network Fundamentals Compare and Contrast OSI and TCP/IP models Compare and contrast TCP and UDP protocols Describe the impact of infrastructure components in an enterprise network Describe the effect of cloud resources on enterprise network architecture Compare and contrast collapsed core and three-tier architectures Compare and contrast network topologies Select the appropriate […]

iOS Application Development

iOS Application Development Introduction and Setup Joining the Apple iOS Developer Program Installing Xcode and the iOS SDK An Introduction to Xcode Playgrounds Swift Programming Language Swift Data Types, Constants, and Variables Swift Operators and Expressions Swift Flow Control The Swift Switch Statement An Overview of Swift Functions The Basics of Object Oriented Programming in […]

Android Application Development

Android Application Development Introduction & Overview Basic of Java Programing Object Oriented Java Advanced Java Basic of Android Programing Intermediate Android Programing Advanced Android Programing 35+ Project Complete Android Apps Publish App on PlayStore Admob + Adsense Earning Software and Tools for this Course: Java JDK Java JVM Eclips Android Studio


PHP and MySQL Introduction PHP Variables in PHP Logical Operator Strings in PHP Control Structures in PHP Functions in PHP Arrays in PHP Transferring information between PHP Pages Database Fundamentals Creating a Database Getting PHP to connect to MySQL Querying MySQL using PHP Building a Web Application Security Features Basic OOP in PHP

Website Design

Website Design Introduction HTML HTML Tags HTML Attributes and Images Introduction CSS CSS – Styling Tags CSS – Page Layout Designing with Sections Introduction JavaScript Responsive Design Front End Frameworks